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Child Safe Organisations August 2019 e-newsletter

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E-learning modules now available!

A series of free online training modules on the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations are now available on the Child Safe Organisations website.

On 21 August 2019 the National Children’s Commissioner launched the e-learning modules to help organisations increase their knowledge and understanding of the National Principles and identify steps they need to take as they work towards implementing the National Principles.

The e-learning modules are designed to help people working or volunteering in all organisations that engage with children and young people – including organisations of various sizes, across all sectors in Australia.

There are 11 e-learning modules. They include an introductory module which gives an overview of the development and content of the National Principles, and separate modules on each of the ten National Principles. The modules provide links to more detailed resources and practical tools developed by the Australian Human Rights Commission and other organisations.

The modules have a particular focus on the importance of respecting children’s rights and the connection between child voice and child safety. The principles also recognise the benefits that children derive from being involved in organisations of various kinds. 

Screenshot of landing page for online training

Launch of e-learning modules

The online training modules were released at a forum in Sydney by the National Children’s Commissioner Megan Mitchell. The forum included participants from organisations working in diverse fields such as youth, sports, family support, education, health and international aid.

Former Socceroos captain, broadcaster and human rights advocate, Craig Foster, was the keynote speaker at the event. Craig emphasised the importance of everyone in sport needing to reflect on whether we have created an environment in which children feel able to voice their concerns when they feel uncomfortable. "So let us be leaders, then, to move forward in a positive way from a process that shocked us to our core. We let down so many children whose right to the fullest realisation of their potential was compromised. We need to ensure that we look after our little ones, let them grow, prosper and excel. Whether within sport, or without,” he said.

Peter Downs (Play by the Rules), Neville Tomkins (Scouts Australia, NSW Branch) and Jocelyn Condon (Australian Council for International Development) also presented at the forum, discussing their organisations’ journeys to understand and improve children’s safety and wellbeing.

Leaders from organisations involved in the provision of services and supports to children heard about:

  • resources developed by Play by the Rules based on their understanding of what is happening in club sport and what further help volunteers and supporters need
  • the Australian Council for International Development’s commitment to advance the safeguarding of children from a peak-body perspective, and
  • Scouts NSW’s journey of cultural change, involving a renewed focus on empowering children and young people with knowledge about their right to safety and their leadership program for youth safe advocates.
Megan Mitchell with speakers at launch event
Megan Mitchell with NSW Scouts Chief Commissioner and Youth Safe Advocates