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Child safety and wellbeing links and resources

The websites and bodies linked below provide information and resources on children’s rights, child safety and wellbeing at the international, national and state/territory levels.

For links to support services and resources on responding to children’s disclosures of abuse, see our Support page.




Many organisations engaging with children and young people are regulated through state or territory legislative requirements, including working with children checks.

For information about state and territory requirements, see these resource sheets developed by the Australian Institute of Family Studies:

  • Resource sheet on requirements for working with children checks and police checks in each state and territory
  • Resource sheet on mandatory reporting requirements in each state and territory
  • Resource sheet on reporting suspected child abuse or neglect to state and territory departments responsible for protecting children

The links below provide information about child safe requirements, initiatives and resources in each state and territory.

Australian Capital Territory

New South Wales

Northern Territory


South Australia



Western Australia